Teen Golfer Enjoying Spotlight

Tadd Fujikawa
Tadd Fujikawa
Tadd Fujikawa and Stephanie Kono
Tadd Fujikawa and Stephanie Kono
Lori Fujikawa
Lori Fujikawa

HONOLULU (KHNL)- He's the toast of the town and the talk of the golf world.

Tadd Fujikawa finished the Sony Open in Hawaii, tied for 20th place.

And in the process, became the youngest golfer in 50 years to make the cut on the PGA Tour.

The day after, he's returned to Waialae Country Club to have fun with his buddies.

Like every golfer, Fujikawa has his good and bad days. On this day, he loses his ball at the first tee.

"Do you think my ball hit a tree?" asked Fujikawa.

It's a big difference from the weekend, when he finished ahead of some of the world's best golfers.

"Best time of my life," he said.

He's attracting worldwide attention. But he's not letting it get to his head, while stopping to talk to admirers and signing autographs for fans.

"Never change, just go out there, be humble, just never change, just be myself," said Fujikawa.

His mom, Lori, has also been teaching him about humility, from day one.

"I always say to be humble, respect other people and treat people the way you would want to be treated," she said.

Fujikawa says handling his new found fame can be challenging. But he tries to remember, it's all about having fun, which he has no problem doing as he jokes around with fellow teen golfer, Stephanie Kono.

So what's next on Fujikawa's agenda? He says he'll continue playing in local amateur golf tournaments and concentrate on finishing his sophomore year at Moanalua High School.

And he'll continue to have good and bad days on the green. But he'll try not to let it get to him.

"When I'm on the golf course, I do my best and have fun, and if I do that I think I'll never get tired of this sport," Fujikawa said.