Local Boy Tadd Fujikawa 7 Under At Sony Open

Ron Malilay
Ron Malilay
Victor Kam
Victor Kam

(KHNL) - Well if you didn't know who Tadd Fujikawa was before now, he's quickly becoming a household name.

Fans who've followed his amazing game at the Sony Open are true believers in this young man's ability.

Crowds at the Sony Open are "Mad for Tadd".

Today more than a thousand fans cheered for the 16 year-old golfer from Moanalua High School.

Simply put Tadd is fun to watch. Fan Ron Malilay says, "It's exciting to see a young boy like him 5 foot 1 playing with 6 footers, he's exciting."

Fan Daniel Becker adds, "It's the feel-good story, the local boy doing good. We all wish we could golf like him."

Victor Kam is watching the tournament at the Waialae Country Club, "You can't beat the teenage phenom, he's awesome hitting the ball so far."

Even golf pro Steve Wheatcraft enjoys playing with Tadd, "It's a lot of fun. The little kid has a lot of game. It was impressive. We had huge galleries out there, they kept growing as he kept making puts and chips."

With Tadd, it's like routing for the home team. "He is a local boy, he is doing it man, he is playing with he big boys," says fan Steve Loo.

Another fan Michael Kim adds, "Local boy makes good. Michelle how many times she try didn't get in, Tadd first time qualify, he's in, made the cut."

When asked about Fujikawa, fan Ed Sugimoto says, "The fact that's he's an amateur and such a small package his game of golf is awesome."

Teenage fan Aubrey Ide says he's a role model for other teens, "He's our age too so he can do it".

At the 18th hole the crowd welcomed the teen with a standing ovation. Fan Bart Peaslee explains, "Everybody else was so focussed on their game, he is like yeah I did it. Again you saw him do the Tiger punch, everybody is pulling for him that point on. He just connects with people."

And his appeal goes beyond golf adds fan Rick Hamilton, "I think for everybody here it just goes to show you, when you can overcome a lot of obstacles when you believe in yourself and that kid believes in himself and he's gonna make it someday."