Last Minute Shoppers Clog Oahu Roadways

Ashlie Tao
Ashlie Tao
Frank Bool
Frank Bool

(KHNL) - Pearlridge shoppers scout isles for openings. Many rushed inside with lots of gifts to buy.

Lezlie Tao has a long way to go, "I'm way behind. I don't have enough money to buy everyone everything."

Tao seems to get sidetracked, "I just bought a shirt and dress for myself and candy for my family. I didn't buy them anything yet."

Her sister Ashlie Tao is the model of organization, "I bought a t-shirt and shorts for my boyfriend. I didn't buy him anything yet. I bought for me. I am almost done with everything else."

For the Tao sisters, after Pearlridge it's onto Ala Moana. Ashlie explains, "We should hit all the shops today because after today it's going to get really busy so hopefully get everyone done today."

Ala Moana Shopping Center was just as crowded. There was even a fender bender in the parking lot as drivers rushed around.

Back at Pearlridge there were no crashes, just controlled chaos. The mall shuttle bus was filled to capacity.

Amid the rush, Frank Bool and his son stroll by as calm as the falling snow.

Bool says, "We are pretty much done, just killing some time. Just buying some stuff, whatever we find."

Bool's strategy: "If I want to buy something buy it way ahead of time. I'm not a last minute type person." And he has this advice for next year. "The best I can tell them is don't shop at the last minute, it's as simple as that."

Advice many could take to heart.

The malls stay open late tonight but don't expect the crowds to diminish.