The Annual Salvation Army Thanksgiving Dinner

Bea Orion
Bea Orion

(KHNL) - You'll find an army of volunteers behind the scenes at the annual event.

For 20 years now Bea Orion spends her Thanksgiving at the Blaisdell Center. She makes each guest feel special and makes sure no one goes hungry on Thanksgiving.

Imagine the pressure of trying to feed two thousand people a piping hot meal at the same time.

Bea Orion instructs, "Smile at the people even if they make you angry and upset. You say, Happy Thanksgiving. If some of them are feeling down low. Give them a boost."

Bea Orion is one of nearly 900 volunteers working behind the scenes to make sure everything is perfect as she greets friens. "Hi Miss Pestora. How are you? Happy Thanksgiving."

She is responsible for 35 servers. There is a method to the madness.

"Here you go sir. Happy Thanksgiving."

Bea enjoys helping so much she enlisted the help of her husband's motorcycle club.

The guests are thrilled with the food and the music. Alex Maru adds, "the entertainment is awesome, awesome. The Salvation Army guys are just awesome they are really really good."

Bea declares the day a success. "The main thing is that people are happy. Going out with a full stomach and not have to worry about a meal for a while. Just a good feeling.

Bea Orion is just one of the Salvation Army volunteers we met. There were bikers, students, military members, a wide range of people who put serving others on the top of their list this Thanksgiving.