Retailers Preparing For Holiday Shoppers

Michael Parker
Michael Parker
Fred Paine
Fred Paine

(KHNL) - Just about everywhere you go, you see the decorations and sale signs up in store windows.

And the holiday shopping season hasn't even begun.

Retailers have been planning for the holiday shopping season for the past 6 to 12 months.

They're stocking up, hiring more people and offering some pretty good deals.

"It's $109 for the first phone and $69 for the second line," said Laurie Arii, store manager for Mobi PCS.

Retailers will soon be offering all kinds of deals to get your holiday dollar.

But it's not just about slashing prices.

"We just make sure that we have a lot of inventory in stock and we have also have a lot of people working. So we are fully staffed and we'll be adding help this Christmas," said Arii.

While some stores will be promoting big sales this holiday season, others, like Michael's Jewelers, will be promoting quality. They're hoping their high-quality merchandise will attract customers.

"We choose our stones online with certificates from 178 major cutters from the United States," like Michael Parker, owner.

Retailers heavily rely on the holiday shopping season. It accounts for 20-40% of their annual sales. Some shopping centers, like Pearlridge, are expecting an even better season this year.

"Well I think it started really on Veteran's Day. We had a crowd in here that rivaled anything during the holidays," said Fred Paine, general manager for Pearlridge.

So along with big bargains and top-notch inventory, retailers are also stocking up on a lot of patience.

Many stores will open early on Friday. Pearlridge opens it doors at 6 a.m., but some retailers in the mall are opening even earlier.

KB Toys, for example, will greet customers at midnight.