Democrats Expand Hold On Legislature

Chris Takahashi
Chris Takahashi
Tony Manuel
Tony Manuel

(KHNL) - Some voters say they don't let party loyalty sway their decisions in the voting booth.

"Most people go by parties because they're pro-Republican or pro-Democrat," said voter Chris Takahashi. "I just prefer to go by individual basis."

Hawaii's voters not only confirmed the Democrats majority in the state legislature, they added to it. Democrats picked up two seats in the state house.

Democrats now hold 43 house seats in compared to just eight for the Republicans. There are no Republicans from the neighbor islands serving in the state house.

"It's just by can the person do the job and that's how I make my decision," said voter Tony Manuel.

Now Hawaii's highest ranking Republican is trying to figure out what that means for her party.

"We know it's possible with the right candidates and with the right campaigns," said Gov. Linda Lingle.

Lingle suspects Republicans need to run better races and do more to reach out to voters.

"I don't think they vote for a group of people," Lingle said. "I think they're voting for a legislator in their district and how that legislator has performed for them."

Hawaii's democrats called for unity during rallies in the days leading up to the election. whatever the reason - hawaii's voters responded.