Killing of Pet Gives Hunters A Bad Name Says Group

Cory Vidinhal
Cory Vidinhal

HONOLULU (KHNL) - A group of pig hunters are speaking out against the brutal attack of a Mililani family's pet pig.

Members of the Pig Hunter's Association of O'ahu say the incident involving "Porky," the family pet, was not hunting.  Instead, they say it was poaching.

The pet pig was killed in his owner's garage on October 22, 2006.

The pig hunters say the incident gives law-abiding pig hunters a bad name.  They also say pig hunters are required by the association to learn about the laws and etiquette associated with the sport.

Cory Vidinhal, a pig hunter says, "What they did was straight wrong.  To kill it and try to take it. It's just sick.  These guys just aren't right."

The Pig Hunter's Association says none of their members are responsible and they are saddened by Porky's death.  They hope police bring those responsible to justice.