Snail Rail

The recent declaration that the "best solution" rail transit system price tag has gone up to perhaps $ 4.6-billion should come as no surprise.  When have you ever seen a government project conceptualized, analyzed, and laid out where the actual price was less than expected? When have you ever heard of a project locally where the outcome and finished product came to fruition in less time than was originally planned?  Unh-uh, ain't gonna happen with government projects.

This is where real salesmanship comes in.  Someone official should have said that the rapid transit project will cost $5-billion, and then this new price tag would seem like a deal.  We call that "sandbagging", like those guys who always list their golf handicap high, and then shoot a below par net score.

Estimates indicate that perhaps 100,000 riders or more will use this system... by the year 2030. By then, I hope to have my own personal hovercraft to fly me above our traffic problems, or perhaps have Scotty and Mr. Sulu beam me from here to there.  Perhaps there's nothing rapid about this transit.  Think about it...