Marrow Donor Could Save Pregnant Woman's Life

Sharnell Onaga
Sharnell Onaga

(KHNL) - A desperate plea is going out to help save the life of an Ewa woman who's just been diagnosed with an aggressive form of leukemia.

This is a rare situation because she's also pregnant.

Friends and family will tell you, Sharnell Onaga captures the heart of everyone she touches. People know Sharnell as a skilled facialist at the Ihilani Spa.

But many don't realize this pregnant mom, has a battle that's bigger than life. Shortly after finding out about her pregnancy, she was diagnosed with an aggressive form of leukemia.

She desperately needs a bone marrow transplant, but no one in her family is a match. Ethnicity could help raise her chances of finding a donor. But she says no matter what, her baby comes first.

Being the same ethnicity isn't necessary but it can up the chances of finding a matching donor. If you'd like to see if you're a match :

A fundraiser and Bone Marrow Donor Drive will be held Saturday, November 18 at Pipeline Cafe in Kakaako.  The Bone Marrow Donor Drive will be held outside the facility from 2:00 pm until 6:00 pm, anyone can walk up to fill out a form and conduct a quick mouth swab to see if you are a marrow match.  Tickets for the fundraiser can be purchased at the door. For more information log on to Sharnell's Website