Accused Child Molester Appears In Court

Frederick Rames With His Attorney
Frederick Rames With His Attorney
William Harrison
William Harrison

(KHNL) - A youth soccer coach accused of molesting half a dozen boys loses a round in court.

Frederick Rames is charged with 23 counts of sex assault. On Monday, he was transferred to the Oahu Community Correctional Center.

The soccer coach appears in court with his legs shackled, his face unshaven. For Frederick Rames, it's been a tough four nights inside Honolulu's main police cellblock.

"He's looking forward to actually getting, believe it or not, to O.C.C.C. to take a shower," William Harrison, defense attorney, said.

The long-time soccer coach and foster parent is accused of molesting six boys at his Wahiawa home. Rames' attorney maintains he's innocent.

"We believe that all of the victims are Marshallese, you know, children," Harrison said. "And they have to be, everything they say has to be interpreted, and a lot of it's interpreted through the family members. So you have to really look at that with a jaundiced eye."

But according to a police affidavit, the 65-year-old admitted to touching the boys and stated he was teaching them how to masturbate.

"Ultimately, he got frustrated and basically said, well, if you want me to admit all this stuff then, yeah, okay, okay, I did it," Harrison said.

Rames' attorney asks the judge to reduce the bail amount. The request is denied.

"The bail is, is ridiculous," Harrison said. "It's a million dollars in the aggregate. As I told the judge, we have clients who've been charged with, you know, capital offenses, murder, whose bail is not set at a million dollars."

Rames is also charged with four counts of witness tampering. Investigators say he called four of the boys and told them to lie to police.

A preliminary hearing is scheduled for Wednesday.