Concert Heaven

The factual lament for concert-goers in Hawaii is that we simply don't get the big acts, the mega-stars, to drop by our islands.  Yes, certain acts come year after year, and up and coming acts have found our shores.  But now we suddenly have the stars in alignment, literally, as we've got the Rolling Stones, U2, and Billy Joel all coming within a month of one another.

Boy, when it rains, it pours.  Of course, if it rains, the excitement at the Aloha Stadium concerts will undoubtedly be dampened.  The facts are that travel costs and artist guarantees that the big acts command make it very tough to make the shows work here in Hawaii.  To a degree, that's the same reason you won't see relocation of a sports team or the expansion by a major professional sports league here in Hawaii- it's simply a business decision.

Our isolation is part of our charm, along with our heritage, and cultural mix, but distance does prevent us from being part of the mainstream often for big ticket events like big concerts and regular pro sports.  So enjoy the concert rush, because one reality of the price one pays to live in paradise is limited exposure to big time events...Think about it...