Football Fans Cheer On UH-'Bama Game

by Diane Ako

HONOLULU (KHNL)- Across the state Saturday, you could hear cheers and groans at many homes and local watering holes. Hawaii football fans cheered on the warriors in their big season opener, even if the results weren't what they hoped for.

It's quiet outside at Murphy's Bar & Grill, but noisy inside as a bar full of football fans cheer on their favorite team. An exciting college football season opener for both teams at Bryant-Denny Stadium in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

Bar owner Don Murphy - and Warrior supporter- says, "It's hectic getting them all in here at once but everyone's settled in and we're having a great time."

The rivalry was just as intense in the bar as it was on the field! Alabama fans say they're thrilled to cheer on their game. Julio Salivioa, a big Alabama fan, smiles, "While I've been married to her for 31 years I've been following Alabama football for 46 years. You figure out what's more important." His wife Ellen jabs him. "What he's trying to say I, the game is more important."

Hawaii fans are thrilled the warriors held their own against a nationally ranked powerhouse. And no matter who won, it was an entertaining day for everyone. Peter Apo sums up, "I'm having a great time. Hawaii football is one of the great entertainment options we have here."