Stabbings, shootings, road rage and speeding fatalities, domestic abuse- it might sound like just another night of crime dramas on TV, or perhaps a common occurrence in Newark, Chicago or Houston, but unfortunately, this is the reality right here in Hawaii of late.  Whether on Oahu, the Big Island or even Lanai, we justifiably react with shock and indignation when our precious safe haven is thrown off by horrible acts of violence and mayhem.

Woe unto us if we ever become oblivious or accepting of the fact that sometimes people do really bad or stupid things.  We should look at the circumstances, look for ways to better ensure that people who need help get help, that people who are unstable be kept away from those that they threaten, that people who shouldn't drive don't drive.

It's not easy, there are no cookie-cutter solutions, it's not one size fits all, but we must all do a better job to try and prevent more victims, more tragedy, more sorrow, and therefore less sense of a shared ohana in paradise.  Please, think about it.