Owners Fear Kapiolani Work Will Be Bad For Business

(KHNL)  Plans for a massive sewer and water main project are running into some major opposition.

In less that six weeks, construction on the project is expected to begin along busy Kapiolani Boulevard.

And that has many people who live and work in the area, concerned.

By the time it's finished, we'll have elected a new U.S. president and watched another summer olympics.

Business owners along Kapiolani Boulevard fear the construction could hurt sales.

The sewer and water main project runs along Kapiolani Boulevard from Ward Avenue to Kalakaua Avenue.

The owner of local surf shop, Quicksilver, fears the construction will causes waves of customer to shop elsewhere.

"Because traffic can't go left from Kapiolani Boulevard, they block it all the way, so we lose the customer to come here," said owner Yuka Inouye.

The owner of the Perfect Furniture Company fears people will avoid Kapiolani Boulevard for the next two and a half years.

"We are nervous people may get frustrated. They see our ad and on the way here get frustrated and don't come to the store," explained owner Marshall Hickox

On Thursday night, project managers discussed construction plans and solutions to traffic worries.

In some instancesm there will be 24 hour lane closures for the sewer rehab part of the project.

Much of the work will be done at night to prevent traffic jams.

And there is very little trenching invovled because they're beefing up existing sewer pipes.

As this massive project nears, some like Marshall Hickox, look on the bright side.

"On a positive note maybe it will slow down traffic enough people will be able to look in see the store see we are here and stop in," he told us.