Friends Remember Murder Victims

Harold Chang
Harold Chang

(KHNL) - The suspect, Adam Mau-Goffredo, is still in police custody.

Meanwhile, friends can only mourn the deaths of their friends.

A makeshift memorial grows by the minute.

With flowers and tears, friends say goodbye to Jason and Colleen takamori.

A friend of the victims Cheryl Burnett said, "Obviously this is a huge loss for the neighborhood cause the neighborhood is very close."

The Takamoris live in a quiet neighborhood, where almost everyone has lived for at least 25 years. Cheryl burnett moved in less than a year ago, but was welcomed with open arms, "From the day I moved in, it was great. He came in and introduced himself and everybody on this street is like a big family. We're all ohana."

Burnett gave the Takamoris a wave goodbye as they drove off Thursday night. She never thought it'd be the last, "It shocked all of us. We're still in shock. That something like this could happen to anyone, just to be caught unaware like that."

The deaths also floored Harold Chang, "I was standing there, I flopped on the chair. I couldn't believe it."

Chang knew Jason Takamori for about 30-years. They rehearsed every week for the last fifteen years in the eighteen piece "Monday Night Band."

Harold Chang, "He's just a wonderful person. He has a big heart, he's a big bear, and I'm very sorry to hear that something like this happen to him."

The third victim in the shooting was taxi cab driver Mahn Nyugen.