Nightclub Owner Takes the Stand

Jack Law testifies in his own defense Friday.
Jack Law testifies in his own defense Friday.

HONOLULU (KHNL) - A Waikiki nightclub owner accused of raping a man took the witness stand in his own defense Friday.

Jack Law, 59, is charged with three counts of sex assault. He's the owner of Hula's Bar on Kapahulu Avenue, and ran the Wave Waikiki until it closed last month.

Prosecutors say Law took a 30-year-old man home with him in May 2005, drugged him and then raped him. The defendant maintains the sex was consensual.

"I kept caressing him and he kept caressing me," Law said. "I mean, it was a mutual thing. It wasn't like I was doing all these things to him. He was doing it back to me."

"What kind of drinks?" Todd Eddins, defense attorney, asked.

"Vodka Perrier with lime," Law said.

"Did you put any kind of date rape drug in that drink?" Eddins asked.

"Absolutely not," Law responded.

The accuser testified earlier this week that he was incapacitated and couldn't stop the assault.

Attorneys are expected to deliver their closing arguments next week.