5 Days, 2 Crashes In Olomana

Nani Burgess
Nani Burgess
Rick Brawley
Rick Brawley

OLOMANA, Oahu (KHNL) - Neighbors call it a dangerous intersection, and they're pleading for help. After two serious crashes at the same Olomana intersection in less than a week, residents say they need a stop light now.

Three people were injured in a crash there Thursday night. One victim was ejected from his truck. Paramedics rush to the injured. Firefighters comfort the traumatize victims.

It's a scene all too familiar for Nani Burgess.

"I work here at Maunawili and the community has been constantly asking for a light to be put in," said Burgess.

Witness Rick Brawley described what happened.

"Heard this loud crash, saw smoke glass everywhere," said Brawley.

"I looked up and see a tire rolling by car, like what's going on here?" added his friend Mark Sato.

Last Sunday there was another serious accident in this same spot. Several people were injured in that crash.

"Enough," said Burgess.  "This is the second accident in five days."

The force of the impact broke the axle and tossed the man out of his truck. Rick Brawley said one of the two women injured approached the driver of the truck.

"She got out of the car, the guy was unconscious for a while," said Brawley.  "She said you had a stop sign."

Police say the driver of the truck was not belted in.

Witness Tyler Preble says the stop sign is not enough.

"No he didn't stop at all," said Preble.  "He blazed right through from way back got a running start."

And Nani Burgess worries about the school kids.

"What are they waiting for? More lives to be taken? We really need a light over here."

Officers say it is possible the driver of the truck could be cited for running that stop sign and for not wearing a seat belt.