Program For Kids Saves Lives

Kaleo Souza
Kaleo Souza

(KHNL) - It's not your average summer camp.

There's blood, bandages and plenty of walking wounded.

Fortunately the blood and the injuries are fake.

But for the kids involved, the learning opportunity is very real.

Some play the patient. Some play the paramedic. All learn how to treat a medical emergency.

Kaleo Souza a Junior Paramedic, "I have a family member at home. He's elderly. Knowing these skills will help him in an emergency. And plus it's something i'm looking at for after i graduate."

Many of the teens here are interested in the medical profession.

The city hopes at least one or two people from each training session will pursue a career as a paramedic.

Hands on training is essential. The progrm teaches these teens how to react and how the patient's going to feel when you move then around, where it's going to hurt.

It's as life-like as possible.  A challenge many of these teens say they're ready to handle.