Hawaii Roadways Are Dangerous For Pedestrians

Bankole Idowu
Bankole Idowu

(KHNL) Hawaii is one of the most dangerous places in the nation if you're a pedestrian.

In 2005 we saw the highest number of pedestrian fatalities in ten years.

And now, an organization is working to change this.

AARP Hawaii looked at 5 of Oahu's busiest intersections to see how safe they are.

On the corner of Nuuanu Avenue and Vineyard Boulevard on Monday, volunteers surveyed the crosswalk for pedestrian safety.

They looked at everything from whether the crosswalks were well-marked to whether the signals provided enough time for pedestrians to cross.

One volunteer said both pedestrians and drivers need to pay attention.

He also said senior citizens need more education on how to stay safe while walking because the message isn't getting through.

"The seniors don't seem to get that the lights are there for their protection," said Bankole Idowu of Salt Lake. "If they want to walk they just walk, so I'm not surprised at the high number of fatalities."

Some suggestions that came out of this survey include installing pedestrian signals that tell you how long you have to cross and allowing more time to cross the street.

AARP will compile the information from these surveys and report the findings to agencies that deal with the roadways.

They include the State Transportation Department and the Honolulu Police Department.