Movie Review: THE WIFE

71 year old actress Glenn Close has been nominated for an Academy Award six times, but she's never won. THE WIFE, will likely earn her yet another nomination.

In this new film, she plays the long suffering spouse of a man who has just won the Nobel Prize for literature.

She's gives a riveting performance as a woman who set aside her own talents for 35 years so that she could help her husband succeed.

But resentment is simmering just under the surface of her outward cool and you can literally see it building over the course of the film.

Joe: Tell me this isn't some big fat joke.

Joan: It's all real, darling. Breathe!

Glenn Close as Joan and Jonathan Pryce as her husband Joe are  delighted by the news of his prestigious award in the early 1990's.

But the award also stirs up long  suppressed emotions in Joan who in the late1950's was the talented student Joe left his first wife for. Annie Stark, the real life daughter of Glenn Close. plays the young Joan in flashbacks.

Joe (as a young man): You write with a lot of intelligence but you're detached.

Joan (as a young woman): The characters are supposed to be detached. Especially the mother.

As a young woman, Joan suppressed her own dreams to support and take care of Joe.

Christian Slater is Joe's would be biographer, Nathaniel.

Joe: I'm not giving you permission to write my biography. Now will you please leave us alone.

But Nathaniel is persistent and thinks he can get closer to his goal by sympathizing with Joan.

Nathaniel: I came across some of your stories in the college journal. Beautifully written.

Joan: Joe had a very heavy hand as a teacher.

Nathaniel: Did he encourage you to keep writing?

The answer is "no," which gets Joan to thinking more about how much of herself she has sacrificed over the years.

And Joe doesn't do anything to improve her mood.

Joe: You can't be showing up at functions with alcohol on your breath.

Joan: You are the star of the big show so why would anyone possibly care.

Joe: What the hell has gotten into you?

Joan: I don't like to be lectured to. I am not a child.

Joe: Don't walk away from me.

Joan: I can't do it anymore. I can't take it. I can't take the humiliation.

THE WIFE is a taut drama about a couple who haven't been honest with themselves or anyone else.

Terry Hunter, Hawaii News Now.