Movie Review: JULIET, NAKED

Updated: Sep. 10, 2018 at 4:41 PM HST
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A new romantic comedy starring Ethan Hawke, Rose Byrne, and Chris O'Dowd deserves to be seen. The movie's title is JULIET, NAKED but there's nothing racy about this smart, well acted romantic comedy. Instead, it's both funny and heartfelt, a realistic story of two middle aged people who want to change their lives.

Byrne is Annie, a frustrated English woman in a long term relationship with O'Dowd as Duncan, a self absorbed professor who has an adolescent obsession with an American rock musician who hasn't performed in public for twenty years.

Duncan on video on his website: Welcome to Can you hear me? Your source for all things Tucker Crowe….His 1993 album, JULIET quite simply is a masterpiece.

Annie: I think I've had enough bloody Tucker Crowe to last 20 lifetimes.

What sets the plot in motion is the release of an acoustic demo version of Crowe's JULIET album.

Annie writes a review on Duncan's website.

Duncan: Somebody new. (reading) "JULIET, NADED is a naked attempt to squeeze a few more quid out of a long dead career." You wrote this!

Annie is quite surprised when she gets an email from Ethan Hawke who playsTucker.

Tucker's email voice: You nailed it. I couldn't have explained it better myself.

Annie's sister: Tucker Crowe as in Duncan's idol Tucker Crowe.

Tucker: Yeah, It's really me. What's your story?

As the two of them share their life stories in emails, we learn that the charming Tucker Crowe is the irresponsible father of several kids with three different women but he's now a caring single father to his youngest boy.

Annie doesn't feel the need to tell Duncan any of this, but then, out of the blue, Tucker and his six year old come to England to visit one of Tucker's daughters.

Annie and Tucker first meet in person in a hospital room after Tucker has a heart attack.

Annie: This is much easier in writing.

Tucker: I would say we could take out our phones and write each other but the internet here is terrible.

After Tucker recovers, Duncan runs into Annie and Tucker on a beach.

Duncan (extends his hand): Duncan Hanson.

Tucker: Tucker Crowe.

Duncan: I'm Stevie Wonder. Real mature, Annie.

JULIET, NAKED is a treat from beginning to end.

Terry Hunter, Hawaii News Now.