Emergency officials: Olivia doesn’t have to be a major storm to have a big impact

Emergency officials: Olivia doesn't have to be a major storm to have a big impact

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - As Olivia nears the state, officials are urging residents to prepare for the worst.

"We try to make sure that people know that they should be prepared, that they should not bring back the items they buy for a storm," said Henri Vanbeelen, Ewa Emergency Preparedness Committee chair.

She and others added that there's not much difference between a weak hurricane and a strong tropical storm.

"With 50 miles of winds your roof can still blow off, no matter if you are prepared or not. So even with a tropical storm you should be well prepared for anything," said Vanbeelen.

Officials are also pointing to previous recent disasters, including widespread flooding on Kauai from torrential rains, to urge residents to remain vigilant.

"Tropical Storm Darby went north of us but all of that rain came down and hit us making the H-1 a flood zone. In April we just had a rain storm and a a lot of rain came tumbling down so it could be any event. So even if its a tropical storm, it could have a great impact on all of us," said Crystal Vanbeelen, of the city Department of Emergency Management.

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