Trending - candy crossing party lines, cities free from disasters and video of the week

Trending - candy crossing party lines, cities free from disasters and video of the week
Updated: Sep. 3, 2018 at 9:26 AM HST
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It's a Labor Day edition of trending. Grace Lee noted that it was a somber weekend with the multiple events for Senator John McCain's funeral. But there was one light hearted moment that has a lot of people talking. Senator Joe Lieberman had made a joke and the director took a cutaway shot...just as this was happening. First Lady Laura Bush came prepared with some candy and passed it to her husband who then sneakily passed it to first lady Michelle Obama.  And people loved this sweet bipartisanship moment. Some people on social media believed that this is exactly what McCain had hoped for that people would come together despite their differences. Others suggested that they should have their own travel show called "W. and Michelle". Doubtful, but a cute idea.

Howard Dicus said that some places get lava, some get hurricanes, some get blizzards, some get tornados. But he wondered, if there is any place safe from ALL natural disasters? Business Insider asked 11 climate scientists who seemed focused on rising ocean levels. They mentioned Tulsa, Pittsburgh, Charlotte, Boulder and Sacramento. But Tulsa is in Tornado Alley and has fracking earthquakes all the time. Pittsburgh sits at the confluence of two rivers that sometimes go to flood stage. Maine gets no tornados but it has black flies. One of the article's subheads was, "Anywhere but Hawaii."

Steve shared video that was submitted by our photographer Joel Ugay. It's a hilarious video of a man holding a dog, asking him if Mr. Bubz loves him. The dog's reaction is priceless.Ugay captioned the clip "Game over. This is the video of the week." We think he may be right.

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