Local Connection: The Bravery of First Responders

Local Connection: The Bravery of First Responders

It was more than ironic that after anticipating a massive flooding event, firefighters on two islands ended up battling major wildfires on their west side.

The fires were fanned by trade winds and indirectly related to the incoming storm because of how it disrupted the usual wind patterns.

But the fast moving and dangerous fires in Maui's Lahaina and near Kahe point on Oahu had to be attacked without helicopters by firefighters who were gearing up to deal with flooding and other storm related issues.

It's a reminder of the dedication and professionalism of our local emergency departments.

In fires, floods, wind storms, high surf — regardless of the danger or unpredictability of the situation — they are ready to dive into hazards to protect life and property.

They often don't know what they will face until they are face to face with potentially deadly challenges.

To them and the families that support them – Mahalo, and please, keep up the good work.

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