They lost everything to the flames except what really matters: Each other

A wildfire in West Maui damaged or destroyed several homes and cars. (Image: Viewer)
A wildfire in West Maui damaged or destroyed several homes and cars. (Image: Viewer)

MAUI (HawaiiNewsNow) - Early Friday morning, Yolanda Dizon smelled smoke coming from the valley behind her Lahaina home.

She says it wasn't long before her son came running in.

"He said we gotta go. Get in the car, we gotta go. Made sure the kids were in the car," she said. "They got in the car, I had my bags with me."

She jumped into the car, too. Then she realized, she didn't have her keys — so she had to go back in.

She says it was the only way she, her children, and grandchildren could escape.

But when she came back to her car, it was too late.

"Here's my car, the fire was like that, reaching over — there was no way I could back up. The fire was right there, we ran."

It was a mad dash to survival.

The wind gusts in the valley were whipping up to 70 miles an hour, and Dizon wasn't sure they'd make it out.

Her home was first to go in the flames.

Over the course of the night, the fire would claim more than 20 other homes, 30 vehicles and scorch more than 2,000 acres.

As Dizon and her family sprinted to safety, she tripped and fell. Burning brush and ash left her with third-degree burns on her arms and legs.

Her son came back to get her and they all made it out alive. Dizon was airlifted to a hospital on Oahu.

"It's just a miracle we're here," she said.

Dizon said she and her family have nothing left. But they have each other.

And she says that's good enough.

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