movie review: CRAZY RICH ASIANS

The smash hit film, CRAZY RICH ASIANS, is the first Hollywood movie in 25 years to feature an almost entirely Asian and Asian American cast and crew. It's such a crowd pleasing romantic comedy that a sequel is already in the works. The movie offers fine acting and a smart funny script with just the right amount of heart tugging emotion toward the end. Plus the production design offers lavish depictions of extreme luxury and extravagant wealth.

Nick: What about us taking an adventure east?

Rachel: Like Queens?

Nick: Singapore, Colin's wedding. Don't you want to meet my family?

Constance Wu, in a star making performance, plays Rachel Chu, an N.Y.U. economics professor who has no idea that Nick Young (who's played by first time actor Henry Golding) is from a super wealthy family who's expected to take over his family's real estate empire in Singapore.

But thanks to a very cleverly constructed web of text messages, his mother quickly finds out that Nick is bringing Rachel home.

And when the pair gets on a plane first class to fly to Aisa, Rachel gets a clue about Nick's status.

Rachel: So you're family's rich.

Nick: We're comfortable.

Rachel: That's exactly what a super rich person would say.

Rachel soon discovers that Nick's mother, Eleanor, played but the great Michelle Yeoh, completely disapproves of her son's romantic partner. He is Singapore's most eligible bachelor and Rachel's a commoner who was raised by a single mother in America.

Eleanor: I chose to raise a family. For me it was a privilege. But for you, you may think it's old fashioned.

Rachel: Don't you want Nick to be happy?

Eleanor: I know you're not what Nick needs.

Fortunately, Rachel's old college roommate Peik Lin, played by Aquafina now lives in Singapore and she's able to provide support for Rachel and comic relief for the audience as does Nico Santos as Oliver, who calls himself the black sheep of the Young family.

Oliver and Peik Lin help Rachel choose a dress she'll wear to the wedding of Nick's old friend. She tries on many outrageous garments.

Peik Lin: Blinded by the light.

Olvier: This is why disco died.

CRAZY RICH ASIANS follows the rom com formula with an abundance of style. Will Rachel be able to win the respect of Nick's mom?

We know the answer to that but it doesn't prevent us from having a lot of fun watching how she does it.

Terry Hunter, Hawaii News Now.