Kilauea sulfur dioxide emissions hit lowest levels since 2008

Kilauea sulfur dioxide emissions hit lowest levels since 2008
The flow from fissure no. 8 has stopped, but emissions continue. (Image: USGS)

AINA HAINA, OAHU (HawaiiNewsNow) - The lull in activity from fissures in Kilauea's lower east rift zone continues, with just a bit of visible lava oozing into the ocean.

On Monday, Hawaiian Volcano Observatory said it's still not clear whether the pause means the eruption is coming to a close.

"It is common for eruptions to go through periods of diminished output, or to pause completely, only to return with renewed vigor days or weeks later," geologists said. "Resumption of the activity on the LERZ (lower east rift zone) could occur at any time, and residents should remain informed and heed Hawaii County Civil Defense messages and warnings."

One particularly worthwhile observation: Sulfur dioxide levels from Kilauea are the lowest they've been in over a decade. Officials said fissures in the lower east rift zone are emitting about 200 tons of sulfur dioxide a day, about the same amount of sulfur dioxide gas that's being emitted at Puu Oo.

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