Local Connection: Enemy of the People

Local Connection: Enemy of the People

At Hawaii News Now, we strive to serve the public with truthful, impartial and excellent journalism, and that remains our duty.

So it is extremely distressing to be labeled "an enemy to the people" along with the rest of the news media – by president Trump and members of his team.

It is true that President Trump has been the subject of more critical coverage than any president, probably since Richard Nixon.

But that coverage is mostly because of what he has done and tried to do; what he has said and not said; and of course, his almost daily tweets.

Many politicians have blamed the press for their problems, but the President is taking it to a dangerous level by essentially accusing journalists of treason for doing our constitutionally endorsed job.

We can only hope that the general public recognizes that this is wrong and risky for our democracy. The press is our political system's primary check on abuse of power.

The president's rhetoric also does not help his cause. He's giving critics a chance to accuse him of discrediting the press just like a petty tyrant. And at the very least, it makes it look like he is too thin-skinned to handle a job where criticism is inevitable.

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