Movie Review: EIGHTH GRADE

Updated: Aug. 6, 2018 at 2:49 PM HST
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It's not often that a movie comes along that is nothing like any film you've seen before. But EIGHTH GRADE offers that kind of unique experience. This film captures the essence of what eighth grade feels like for a shy, awkward thirteen year old girl who has no friends and experiences the sting of nearly constant rejection. This is the first film written and directed by standup comedian Bo Burnham. The movie has some funny moments, but it's mainly a cringe inducing reminder of how tough early adolescence can be.

Kayla on YouTube: Hey guys! It's Kayla, back with another video. The topic of today's video is being yourself. Being yourself can be hard and it's like aren't I always being myself and yeah for sure, but being yourself is like not changing yourself to impress someone else.

Elsie Fisher is extremely good as Kayla, an introverted 13 year old trying to get through the last week of 8th grade.

Kayla on YouTube: I don't talk a lot at school but if people talk to me and stuff they'd find out I'm like really funny and cool and talkative.

We soon understand Kayla has no real YouTube audience and that her videos are mainly pep talks to herself.

Kayla on YouTube: I'm really like nervous all the time. I try really hard not to feel that way but you just need to face your fears and let people know the real you.

Not much goes right for Kayla.

Kayla: By the way, I really like your shirt a lot. It's like so cool.

Girl looks up from her smart phone: What?

She's being raised by a single father who has little success in communicating with her.

Dad: I think you're so cool. Maybe you should put yourself out there a little.

Kayla: I'm gonna stop eating with you if you keep…

Dad: Hey, you said I could say one thing.

Father and daughter do eventually connect. Plus, Kayla makes some older friends and comes to realize that

Kayla on YouTube: Just cause things are happening right now doesn't mean they're always going to happen.

EIGHTH GRADE will likely remind you of a very awkward stage in life. Middle school students and their parents should definitely check it out.

Terry Hunter, Hawaii News Now.