45 tons of garbage later, Makiki residents say goodbye to neighborhood blight

MAKIKI (HawaiiNewsNow) - Several Makiki residents were able to breathe a collective sigh of relief after city contractors took the last truckload of trash from a hoarder house on Thursday afternoon.

For nine days, Oahu Junk removal crews were hard at work removing 45 tons of garbage from the home on 1421 Pensacola St.

The job was only supposed to take five days, but crews encountered conditions that were worse than anticipated, including an additional car found caught between vines and branches.

Four junker cars, several household appliances, and a number of towering stacks of garbage were all included in the 28 truckloads of waste carted from the neighborhood blight.

The garbage was taken to the city's H-Power facility, Island Demo, and Kapaa Transfer Station, and the cars were taken to Schnitzer Steel.

Officials say that the amount of garbage removed from the site far exceeded the last hoarder house cleared by the city back in 2015, which required the removal of just over 21 tons of refuse from within and outside of the house. This time, cleanup crews were only permitted to remove trash from outside the home.

Now that the dirty work is done, city officials say their next step is to file a motion that would require Rollin Yee, the property's owner, to reimburse the city $13,120 for the cost of the cleanup.

Officials also expect Yee to pay over $360,000 in fines accrued over decades after the city issued warnings telling Yee to clean up the property.

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