Local Connection: Mistaken Release & Admin Responsibility

Local Connection: Mistaken Release & Admin Responsibility

Just when it looked that the Ige Administration had salvaged its reputation after the false missile alert, another cabinet member was forced to apologize last week for an outrageous error that put public safety at risk.

Hilo jail released an alleged killer who was being held on more than a million dollars bail.

It took two days to even realize he was gone. Luckily, the suspect turned himself in.

But it was another scary night for Hawaii island – which had just endured the manhunt for the killer of officer Kaliloa and the fatal gunfight that killed the suspect.

The public safety director is withholding an explanation of what happened at Hilo Jail until an investigation is complete. Meanwhile, no one has been put on leave.

The mistaken release is reminiscent of the escape of killer Randall Saito from the state hospital. The full story of how that happened has also still not been revealed by the attorney general — who we are told is still investigating.

It would be a shame if the facts about these two monumental blunders don't come out until after the primary election. Voters have a right to know whether executives appointed by the governor had any role in these embarrassing episodes before they make the decision at the polls.

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