Tripler says VA alerts about 'active shooter' were false

Tripler says VA alerts about 'active shooter' were false
Tripler Army Medical Center posted on Facebook that fake active shooter alerts may have been sent to the public. (File/Hawaii News Now)

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - The Tripler Army Medical Center is stressing that there is no active shooter situation at the facility, after false electronic alerts were reportedly sent out Thursday.

The hospital said in a Facebook post that a hack of a system in Palo Alto, Calif. may have been responsible for the false alerts.

It is unclear what the false message said or who it was sent to.

"There is no active shooter on TAMC or Tripler Campus. Please do not repost the false Facebook message," TAMC said, in a Facebook post Thursday. "There was a hack of an Exercise system in Palo Alto California that has made false Active Shooter posts that people are reposting."

"This is a false alarm. There is no Active Shooter," the center reiterated.

Several people on social media responded to the post, saying they'd gotten the false messages.

"Thank you for posting this! I was wondering why I received emails and voicemails from Palo Alto's VA!" one woman said on Facebook, in response to TAMC's Facebook post.

False "active shooter" alerts also prompted a police response at a Veterans Affairs healthcare facility in Palo Alto.

Palo Alto authorities gave an all clear Thursday afternoon after investigating the reports.

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