Coffee with a Candidate: Republican candidate for governor Andria Tupola

Coffee with a Candidate: Republican candidate for governor Andria Tupola

State Rep. Andria Tupola, a Republican whose district includes Ewa Villages, Kalaeloa, Ko Olina and Maili, took her seat in the Legislature in 2014.

Coffee with a Candidate: Republican candidate for governor Andria Tupola

Four years later, she’s got her eyes on higher office.

Tupola announced in January her plans to run for governor, saying that she believes she offers fresh solutions to "systemic issues" facing the islands.

Here are some fast facts about the House minority leader:

  • Tupola is a graduate of Kamehameha Schools-Kapalama.
  • During her college years, she completed a service mission for the Mormon church in Venezuela.
  • Tupola completed a master's degree in Music Education from the University of Hawaii.

Questions for the candidate:

  • You have an incredible schedule, how do you keep up the energy from flying island to island, you're driving to your home in leeward side, driving across the island. How do you keep it all up?

You definitely have to make sure you have a balance. Despite all the craziness in the campaigning, you have to go for a run, you've got to make sure you eat healthy food. I have to make sure I weigh myself, to make sure that I am not gaining to much or losing too much because sometimes you don't.

Sometimes you go days without eating, you're like (gasp), I totally forgot. I've been trying to be careful about it especially because, I'm the product, so I have to be at my top everywhere I go, so I want to make sure I keep up with my health, make sure to still exercise when I can, and for sure, relax when I can.

  • What do you do for relaxation? And do you really relax during political season?

I don't know, everyone teases me, because for me running is relaxing. People are like, there is nothing relaxing about running, and I was like actually it helps me clear my thoughts, I think a lot, if I'm on the road, it helps me to just clear all of that, and just let the wheels spin and then when I get done, I just (breath).

  • Let's talk about you running for governor, there must have been people who said, Andria don't do it, was there anyone who said don't do it?

Oh yes. When you're running for governor it's no joke. You're giving up time from your family, you're giving up your resources, you're giving up some of your sanity, just because of the way people interact with you, attack you, see their perspective as opposed to your perspectives .

So I was aware, a lot of people made me very aware of what it was going to feel like. But either way, I knew what it was going to feel like also to stay as a state house rep.

You know there's a lot of systemic issues in our state and I don't know how long I could keep going, and ignore that we have a lot of hurt going on around that we need to try to address.

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