Sunrise Shape Up: Soccer Conditioning

Sunrise Shape Up: Soccer Conditioning
Updated: Jun. 27, 2018 at 9:42 AM HST
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In the spirit of the world cup, we have created a routine that derives from agility and conditioning drills used to enhance performance during a game of soccer yet are also very beneficial for day to day cardiovascular health, balance, agility and coordination.

Therefore no matter your age or fitness level the exercises demonstrated in today's segment will compliment any routine in the gym or in your preferred workout environment.

The slalom: Set-up, Make a series of markers used to weave in and out of with your soccer ball. This can be achieved at any speed and any distance to improve your balance, coordination, agility, and focus

Passing drill: This exercise can be achieved with a friend or using a solid wall or surface to pass the ball off of to one's self this is a great exercise for improving reaction time, proprioceptive balance and control. Be sure to alternate the foot used for passing make sure both sides of your body are challenged with the drill

Toe touches: Begin by placing the ball or other objects in front of you.  Alternating legs and feet gently touch the object in front of you with your foot then immediately repeat action on other leg. As your coordination improves increase your speed and duration. This exercise will improve your balance, quickness, and agility

Aerial control and pass back: Sit up with a partner or a wall attempt to enhance your passing drill by performing this exercise with ball airborne so as though to further enhance your balance and foot-eye coordination.

Shuttle Runs: Place three to four objects as markers at various distances and run as quickly as possible from start position to your marker and back to your start position. Repeat sprints to various distances and increase your frequency and intensity as your fitness levels improve this drill is perfect for speed, stamina, and quickness all needed for overall health.

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