Who killed Dana Ireland? New video offers controversial theory

Who killed Dana Ireland? New video offers controversial theory
Updated: Jun. 19, 2018 at 5:31 PM HST
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HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - In an hour-long online video, retired Seattle judge Mike Heavey of Judges for Justice lays out his controversial theory for who he thinks killed Dana Ireland.

His theory: A peeping Tom who knew her.

"He saw his chance to assault her and act out his sexual fantasy," Heavey narrates in the video.

Heavey believes the man was with a 9-year-old boy, but he doesn't know who they are.

He's offering a $10,000 reward and is advertising his film in several newspapers.

"There's a deviant angry rapist killer out there who still walks the land. He needs to be captured and once he's captured, it'll be clear those three men who are innocent and they will be exonerated," Heavey said.

In 1991, Ireland was riding her bicycle in Puna when she was run over by a vehicle, raped and then left to die.

Defendant Shawn Schweitzer spent a year in prison after pleading guilty to lesser charges.

His brother, Albert Ian Schweitzer, and another man, Frank Pauline, were convicted on all charges. Pauline was later killed in prison.

The Hawaii Innocence Project is trying to exonerate Albert Ian Schweitzer, who's serving a life sentence in Arizona.

Kenneth Lawson, the project's co-director, says they've got 25 boxes of documents on Schweitzer's case.

And they want Heavey to stop contacting their client and stop interfering.

"When you are told that your video contains factually inaccurate theories that don't match the evidence and you still do it, the question becomes are you truly seeking justice," Lawson said.

"I think it does more harm than good. I think it does a disservice to justice. I think it does a disservice to the victim's family."

Heavey is brushing off the concerns.

"We're not going to be deterred just because Hawaii innocence Project feels that we should not be involved," he said.

Meanwhile, Hawaii County Prosecutor Mitch Roth says he's open to new leads, but says Heavey's theories have no factual evidence.

"I think it generates fear, but again we have not been able to find anything there's a rapist or serial rapist around leaving the same DNA," said Roth. "What it boils down to is just rumors and allegations."

In 2015, defense attorneys revealed new DNA testing of a bloody shirt found at the murder scene did not match the three defendants. Roth says there's still no match.

Ireland was run over on Kapoho Kai Drive in Vacationland, which is now overrun with lava from the ongoing eruption on the Big Island.

Both the Hawaii Innocence Project and Heavey say the disaster will have no impact on their own investigations.

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