Trending - 8 year old boy helps elderly stranger, Disney makes fun of itself and Dan's really boring video of an octopus

Trending - 8 year old boy helps elderly stranger, Disney makes fun of itself and Dan's really boring video of an octopus
Updated: Jun. 5, 2018 at 10:13 AM HST
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HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - For Howard Dicus' trending story, he said that the president canceled a White House meeting with the Philadelphia Eagles after learning many team members weren't coming. Those who DID plan to go, found out about the cancellation from the media. Trump tweeted that the players disagreed with his insistence that they stand for the National Anthem. But no Eagles player took a knee during the season. Former Eagles wide receiver Torrey Smith, now with the Carolina Panthers, tweeted on behalf of former teammates. He said the president was spreading a false narrative that players are anti-military.

Grace Lee told a feel good story about a an 8-year-old Georgia boy named Maurice Adams Jr. He jumped into action when he saw an elderly woman struggling to get up the stairs. Together, they took it one step at a time. He put his arm around her and helped her with her walker. Unbeknownst to him, a stranger was shooting this video. That would be Riley Duncan who now has plans to meet up with the boy and reward him $100 for his selflessness.

Steve Uyehara shared the new trailer for Wreck-it-Ralph 2. This is Disney making fun of itself. One of the main characters Vanellope Van Schweet meets a bunch of other princesses and gets interrogated.

Billy V said that Tom Cruise is well-known for doing his own stunts Remember him jumping from a Dubai skyscraper. Or clinging to a cargo plane? The latest is a High Altitude Low Open skydive from more than 25,000 feet and he has to open the chute below 2000 feet. He has been training with 5 jumps a day out of a sea otter then 3 jumps out of a C-17. He's also doing this as a night sequence where you only get the right lighting once a day. He also has to spend 20 minutes on the ground breathing pure oxygen so you don't get decompression sickness. He's basically falling at 200 mph and he has to land 3 feet from the camera without having a midair collision.

Dan Cooke shared video of an octopus playing with a ball on the beach. Yeah, that's pretty much it. Not very exciting. However, some people were upset about the video saying that it was mean, but it turns out, that the ball was computer generated so it's not really there. (crickets)

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