No bail for photographer accused of trafficking and sextortion

No bail for photographer accused of trafficking and sextortion

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - A Hawaii photographer accused of attempting to coerce a 15-year-old into sex by threatening to make topless photos public will be held without until his trial on federal charges.

On Tuesday, Dustin Trey Miyakawa wore shackles and a white prisoner jumpsuit and remained silent during the detention hearing before Magistrate Judge Kevin Chang.

Miyakawa, who was born in 1985, who appears to be not much taller than about five feet and was dwarfed by two U.S. Marshals who escorted him.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Morgan Early filed a motion requesting Miyakawa's detention without bail, citing prior incidents in which he allegedly used money or photography to entice young girls.

Early's motion said 12 years ago in Washington state, when he was 21, Miyakawa offered cash to middle school girls to "answer questions" or "make out."  He lured one girl into a shower stall in the girls' locker room, and grabbed her arm when she tried to leave. Another girl confronted him and he fled.

The motion also said he similarly approached a high school girl with an offer of money but fled when she refused.  The motion says Miyakawa was convicted of attempting to lure the girls, but does not say if he served a prison sentence.

The motion also said that in 2015 in Honolulu Miyakawa put topless photos of a model on the internet after she refused to have sex with him during a photo shoot.

Federal prosecutors argued Miyakawa's history required that he be denied bail.

"This criminal conduct, along with the conduct set forth in the Complaint Affidavit, reveals that Defendant has made a profession out of cornering young women, photographing them naked, soliciting them for sex in exchange for cash, then trapping or extorting them if they decline his advances," the motion said.

Miyakawa was arrested last week and charged with attempting to force a 15-year-old girl to have sex with him in March after threatening to put a topless photo on the internet.  Miyakawa's federal public defender did not argue against detention. A preliminary hearing has been set for next week.

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