'Aina Pono Is Getting Local Food In Schools

'Aina Pono Is Getting Local Food In Schools

We talked this morning with Lieutenant Governor Doug Chin and Chef Greg Christian of the Department of Education about things that the State of Hawaii is doing in the area of nutrition in education with 'Aina Pono.

'Aina Pono has four main goals: Increase student consumption of healthy foods; Increase student participation in nutrition; Systematically increase DOE's purchasing of local food for school meals; and Make this program cost-neutral over time by reducing food waste and becoming more efficient.

Lt. Gov said they have been listening and Mililani students are saying students at other schools want 'Aina Pono in their schools.  The program is empowering students, allowing them to have a say in what's going into school meals. And they want fresh locally grown ingredients.

Challenges for Aina Pono?

So far, all that 'Aina Pono has accomplished in the Kohala and Mililani school complexes is largely due to the generosity of our funders. But in order for this amazing program to be truly sustainable, we need the State to commit 100 percent and our state legislators to fund the two positions the DOE has requested.

They wanted to thank the funders and other stakeholders at a special event this Friday at Mililani High School. They're also unveiling the official logo for the 'Aina Pono Program. Plus, Lt. Gov. Chin will be serving Kalua Pig to students from the first state approved Imu.

More information?  Check out the Lt. Gov's webpage for 'Aina Pono.

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