Trending - Facebook credibility, Merrie Monarch

Trending - Facebook credibility, Merrie Monarch
Updated: Mar. 26, 2018 at 9:44 AM HST
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In trending today, Howard Dicus said, "I want to tell you a true story, from when I was a little boy in Maryland. TV commercials were new. People believed them. They can't say it if it's not true. Right? Betty Crocker and Uncle Ben are real people. Right? Doctors endorse cigarettes so they must be good. Right?  I remember a commercial: a housewife is in a panic. Her rice is sticky. Then she tries Minute Rice. People believed commercials. My mother bought Minute Rice. We had nothing else. Fast forward 20 years. I'm a young man in D.C., newly married to a kama'aina, she makes the rice correctly. As I reach for the salt and the pepper and the butter I ask her why she doesn't simply use Minute Rice. Rather than giving me a lecture, she thinks in pidgin, boils the matter down to its bare essentials, and orders me not to put anything on the rice until I've eaten a bite plain. That bite undid years of advertising. I'll never forget now they took the weakness of parboiled rice – no starchy goodness – and made it the solution to a non-existent problem. We're more akamai about advertising now. But while many people expect Mark Zuckerberg or Congress to solve the problem of social media, I suggest to you that the real solution is, we're all gonna have to become more akamai about online content. You may see a name and a photo on Facebook but that "person" may be no realer than Betty Crocker."

Billy V shared a video that is going viral as we get ready for the Merrie Monarch festival. It was created by radio personality Ku'ehu Mauga and his friend Leah Masoe. There were plenty of special guests in the video including Miss Aloha Hula 2016 Kayli Ka'iulani Carr. She's the one at the drive-thru giving her order through oli. Aunty Irene Midel a Merrie Monarch living legend made a cameo at the end. To watch the full video head to

Grace Lee shared a cameo in a movie that she's been waiting for years to see. She said that she can't make it through the movie "Battleship" long enough to see Dan Cooke playing a reporter. Lucky for her, her DVR was already recording when she woke up on Sunday and she was able to rewind it to find his 3 second part. She will NEVER get that time back again.

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