Trending - license test fail, Trudeau's toddler, drones and Musk deletes FB

Trending - license test fail, Trudeau's toddler, drones and Musk deletes FB
Updated: Mar. 23, 2018 at 9:13 AM HST
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For trending, Steve shared a picture after a 17-year-old girl took her driver's license test. She meant to put the car in reverse, but it was in drive and she drove through the wall of a building. Yes, she failed.

Grace was sympathetic to parents who know they cannot control a toddler, even if they're the prime minister. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was traveling with his family and fulfilling some of his duties. His 3-year-old son Hadrien did not care and he expressed multiple emotions despite the high profile events. The best picture captures him throwing an all out tantrum while his family signs the guest book at a memorial for Mahatma Gandhi in India. The consensus, if Mr. Trudeau can't control his kid, what chance do I have.

Howard said that the Federal Aviation Administration makes a bold prediction – that the number of drone operators for commercial use will quadruple in the next four years. There are already 110,000 drones, so this means there will be a need for more than 400,000 drone operators, or pilots. Last week Amazon won a patent for an airbag the cushion the fall of a package dropped from 25 feet. Walmart is working on a plan to use drones to pollinate crops.

Dan said that Tesla and SpaceX founder Elon Musk has joined the delete Facebook movement. At first, he admitted that he didn't even know he had them. Then he delivered on his promise by deleting his page as well as the ones for SpaceX and Tesla.

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