Beauty and Grace: Spring spruce up for your home

Spring spruce up for your home
Updated: Mar. 22, 2018 at 10:35 AM HST
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It's spring and it's time to spruce up your home on a budget. Sunrise style expert Allie Fister tell us how to do it.

There are some really easy adds that you can put all over the house to give them a spring time spruce. Let's start with a lot of great tapestries and woven products for the home. This is from Shiraleah and we found this through It's a great piece that could actually be put flat on a table, but we're seeing a lot of these hanging on the wall. It creates a fun, artful piece and takes up some good volume on your wall. It adds a fresh springtime look.

Speaking of wovens and baskets, this is also from It's a basket that you can utilize by putting magazines inside but we're seeing a lot of people use these as planters. You can take plants you'd buy at Home Depot, keep it inside its plastic basket and fill it with some rocks or something else to fill in that negative space between the plants and the basket. It then has this really chic springtime feeling and adds some living art inside your home as well.

Next, try adding a throw blanket. We sourced this one, it's a great pastel transition into the springtime. It's easy and you aren't married to it. You can toss it around on the back of a couch to add a spring hue. It's a perfect color.

Speaking of tips and tricks for design, one of those that every designer says we need is a great set of coffee table books. They look good on your coffee table. So, why not find one that's all about design and inspiration. This one we found through It's called Sage Living and it's filled with all kinds of current decorating tips and tricks. It also creates an artful space on your coffee table.

One more tip, add a candle to your coffee table. These are from Gray Malin, he's a fine arts aerial photographer. You can find these locally at Neiman Marcus and this is a great way to have his art in your space at a much more affordable price.

Last, but not least, we have these silk pillow case covers from Shhh Silk. And they did a limited edition collaboration that has banana leaves. Alle loves the pink and green colors on the print. It's a fun thing to add to your bedroom for spring and you get the added bonus of sleeping on silk which is good for your skin.

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