Red Cross Heroes: Merry Tamashiro

Red Cross Heroes: Merry Tamashiro
Image: Hawaii News Now

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - The Maui County Red Cross Volunteer of the Year grew up on Oahu, graduated from Roosevelt High School. How did she end up on Maui?

"You know I came here for a party, I came here for a party in the 80s and I never left. Ha ha ha!"

The party ended for Merry Tamashiro a few years back when winds from an approaching hurricane began to blow.

"...and they told everybody as their house was shaking to stay inside, stay inside. And our house was fine but other people needed help."

That need motivated Merry to start volunteering at the Red Cross. Why the Red Cross?

"...the red Cross will help anybody. They don't care who you are. If you need help in a disaster, they will help anybody."

Merry began by taking some classes and volunteering a few hours a week... now, she is Maui County's Logistics Lead and volunteers a few days every week.

"Yeah, logistics is mainly the supplies, getting the supplies to the locations they need to be at."

Supplies like cots, blankets. Merry clearly loves what she does.

"And when you're out there helping people, they're so appreciative. I mean that's the reward in itself."

Congratulations to Maui County's Volunteer of the Year, Merry Tamashiro.

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