Local Connection: Larry Nassar Chilling Similarities

Local Connection: Larry Nassar Chilling Similarities
Updated: Feb. 7, 2018 at 9:09 PM HST
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The case of Larry Nassar the Michigan state university doctor who molested more than 150 young women and girls is chillingly similar to the case of Saint Francis Psychiatrist Robert Browne and Kamehameha Schools.

In episodes four decades apart under the aura of their profession, these perverts exploited the trust of the children and the institutions they served.

We've heard Nassar's victims talk about their trauma, confusion and fear -- the repressed anger and emotional scars. Much like what we heard from the men of Kamehameha.

In both cases there were suspicions that were ignored during the abuse. In Michigan, that led to resignations by university executives who weren't involved – but felt leaving was the right way to acknowledge the failures by others that came before them.

Of course, no Kamehameha or St. Francis executive ever lost or gave up their job over Dr. Browne's crimes. And Browne killed himself before he could face justice.

That leads to the final disturbing contrast.

While Nassar spends the rest of his life in prison, Browne lies among heroes at Punchbowl.

Every memorial day Boy Scouts place lei and the American flag at his grave. While his wartime service technically entitled him to the honor, his presence is an insult to those who died in combat or survived to live honorable lives.

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