Scores of Moanalua High students stay home amid concerns of violence

Scores of Moanalua High students stay home amid concerns of violence

MOANALUA, OAHU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Bullying, fighting and escalating threats at Moanalua High School prompted a police presence on campus Friday.

About 100 students stayed home from school, with many parents worried about their safety.

The concerns all stem from a series of threatening social media posts.

"When I saw a picture of a boy holding a gun, it got me concerned," said one parent. "I did call the school and i just felt like they weren't taking it seriously."

School Principal Robin Martin said in a letter to parents that the "safety and well-being of our students in of utmost importance."

Martin added that there is no "credible threat" of violence currently, though "all threats" are being taken seriously.

"There is a strong security presence at Moanalua High that includes security personnel and administrators," Martin said, in the letter.

"When an incident occurs, our staff makes every effort to quickly address the situation. We also work closely with law enforcement as well as district and state personnel when a major issue occurs."

"My daughter goes to school every day waiting to either get jumped to get slapped. As a parent, what do you do?" said parent Sesireehana Brunton.

Burton says her daughter Dezzree has been bullied by the same group of students for almost a month after an incident involving an ex-girlfriend.

There's video of her daughter being assaulted on campus after school.

Brunton says it's was heartbreaking to watch and says she believes the school is doing nothing to help.

The Department of Education says schools are working to keep students safe, but because of privacy laws, it cannot provide details about disciplinary actions handed down to students or investigations involving students.

Still, parents say they need more reassurance.

"A threat is a threat. No matter where it came from. Even if its just on social media, I think that's still important," said one parent.

"I will continue to press charges. I will continue to complain until we get our kids under control in a place they're supposed to be safe in," Brunton said.

The social media posts were apparently made earlier this week after an altercation on campus.

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