Health Care Heroes: Dr. Anne Dempsey

Updated: Oct. 18, 2017 at 10:09 AM HST
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HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Sometimes, being the family for those with healthcare issues, it can be one of the most heart-wrenching things to go through. Having to be patient, wishing you could do more, or wishing you could turn to the right person. For Darlene Yamase and her mother Catherine Costa, that right person was Dr. Anne Dempsey at Wilcox Medical Center.

"Two years ago, I met Dr. Dempsey, when I started accompanying my mom with her to her doctors appointment. Up until then, she as independent, she could do a lot of things on her own, but something happened two years ago. She had a heart attack."

According to Darlene , her mom was doing okay a little while after that, but then her mom went on to having an a-Fib, needing a pacemaker, issues with diabetes, her heart and her liver.

"Dr. Dempsey served my analogy is that she was the air traffic controller for my mom in a very busy airport. All of these other ailments were trying to land at the same time, and somebody needed to help us make really good decisions about what came first and what came second."

For Darlene and her brother Richard, it was one of the most frightening times in their life. But knowing they could reach out to Dr. Dempsey, they said was key.

"So now, two years later, my mom is doing well and she's still a patient of Dr. Dempsey, we still love seeing her."

Mahalo to Healthcare Hero, Dr. Anne Dempsey from the island of Kauai for the expert and heartfelt care she gives to her patients and their families every day at Wilcox Medical Center.

"Dr. Dempsey, i want you to know that when I needed you, you were there for me, when i called you, you answered every call and every text. And when I was feeling hopeless, you gave me hope. So mahalo to you and for all that you've done for my mom and my family."

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