Homeless accused of siphoning gas, vandalizing moving company's trucks

Homeless accused of siphoning gas, vandalizing moving company's trucks

MAPUNAPUNA (HawaiiNewsNow) - A moving company in Mapunapuna has become the repeated target of theft and vandalism.

Kaleo Alau is the owner of the U-haul off Nimitz Highway. He says his trucks are being pillaged by a group of homeless thieves.

"We park them close to prevent people from stealing the gas. So they started going underneath," said Alau.

Since the first of the year thieves have drilled holes into the gas tanks of 15 trucks. The punctures are only about the size of a quarter but repairs combined with lost sales have set the company back thousands of dollars.

Alau says it's just the latest in string of property damage and thefts caused by a handful of squatters living under the viaduct.

"It's such a hard thing because you know not every person in that situation is bad," said Alau.

So far this year the vandals have smashed windows, set a fire and stolen 38 batteries from trucks parked in their commercial lot.

"Not only is it an ongoing issue. It's something that's very hard to catch," said Alau. "They have lookouts on one side who will warn people when a car is coming. There is a place to jump in the water and swim away which has happened before when they got caught."

With the state set to begin a month long clean-up under the viaduct next week Alau is worried problems will only get worse.

"All of Mapunapuna gets effected by this. We know that they are going to move somewhere," said Alau.

Alau says he's in the process of drafting a letter to both city and state leaders asking for help with the situation.

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