'Still in shock': Former Hawaii resident shot twice in Vegas recalls horrific attack

'Still in shock': Former Hawaii resident shot twice in Vegas recalls horrific attack
(Image: Family)
(Image: Family)

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA (HawaiiNewsNow) - Ashley Quiocho has an unwanted reminder of Sunday night's shooting in Las Vegas that she will carry with her for the rest of her life.

It's a bullet that's lodged in her backside, too dangerous to remove.

Quiocho was raised in Waipahu and visits family here frequently. On Sunday night, she and two other friends were watching headliner Jason Aldean at the Harvest Festival when the shots rang out. She thought it was a helicopter.

"We kept singing and dancing and the music kept playing, and there was a pause. You know, it stopped. And then the second round started and we were looking around and you know, not knowing what was going on still, and we were like, 'What is that? 'What's going on?'"

Then they realized a gunman was raining bullets on the crowd. They ducked for cover.

"Once it stopped shooting, we'd run again," Quiocho said. "We kept running and we were screaming -- you know, 'Keep running! Keep running!' to each other."

Quiocho and her friends would duck and run, seeing the wounded along the way.

"I look over and all you see is bodies laying on the floor with other people over them, trying to help them up," she said.

As she ducked for cover one more time, she was hit, with one bullet going into her right hand.

"I look down and my hand was bleeding, and I'm like, 'I'm hit! But it's OK, I'm fine, I'm fine,'" she said. "Once it stopped, I was like, 'get up, we have to run,' so we kept going and I felt the pain, but I didn't. Like, I was in complete shock and my adrenaline was just pumping so much that I felt like maybe it was just two paint balls that hit me."

In the panic and the chaos, adrenaline kept her going despite her bullet wounds. "We saw people hopping a wall, so we jumped over a wall, we helped each other over and that's how we got out of that main area and we kept running."

She ran into another friend and told him she was fine.

"And he looked at me and he goes, 'Oh my God you're not fine, you're bleeding everywhere.' And I looked down and I didn't realize that my hands covered in blood, and I was wearing white shorts and that was covered in blood, and blood down my legs, all over my boots and stuff, my cowboy boots."

Her boyfriend eventually found her and got her to an ambulance, which carried her and two others to a hospital.

Quiocho is now recovering at home after surgery on her hand. But there's still one bullet that's too dangerous to remove.

"There's a bullet that's lodged in my butt and it actually has to stay there forever," she said. "It's near arteries, so if I get the surgery, it would be worse."

Meanwhile, the night is still fresh in her mind.

"To be honest I maybe might still be in shock right now, but I work in an environment with a lot of people and I work at night," said Quiocho. "I don't know if I'm ready to go back yet."

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