Aloha Stadium conditions called 'deplorable' after rusty bleachers worries fans

Aloha Stadium conditions called 'deplorable' after rusty bleachers worries fans

SALT LAKE, OAHU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Recent video taken by a spectator at Aloha Stadium shows a speckled pattern of rust. The patches dot the floor in the orange section.

Sen. Glenn Wakai (D-Kalihi, Foster Village, Salt Lake) called the conditions "deplorable."

"That's a safety issue. We don't want someone falling through the orange section there," he said.

Despite that statement, Wakai thinks the stadium is safe at $30 million per year in repairs and maintenance.

"If you do the math and we were to keep the current stadium for 20 years at $30 million a year, we are talking about $600 million to keep a rusted stadium standing up," said Wakai who believes the video renews the push to build a new stadium for safety and economic reasons.

A consultant's report earlier this year said a rebuild would cost $324 million.

That same report called the facility a "potential danger to public health and safety" and that "inspections have identified pieces of the building that have actually fallen into public areas of the facility..." when vacant.

In April, Aloha stadium manager's Scott Chan said the stadium is safe and Monday said a structural engineering firm performs safety inspections and evaluations every other year.

"The Aloha Stadium is a safe facility and we invite the community to enjoy our events with peace of mind," said stadium management in a statement.

Wakai says the state should use the success of LA Live, the sports and entertainment district surrounding the Staples Stadium, as a blue print for Aloha Stadium's future and its 100 acre property.

The legislature has appropriated $10 million dollars to create a master plan for redevelopment and an environmental impact statement which could take about two years. Wakai would like to see a partnership with a private developer instead of a purely state-run enterprise.

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