Video shows altercation between Kaiser High coach, parents

Kaiser High tries to move past football program's woes (but that won't be easy)
Published: Sep. 22, 2017 at 9:42 PM HST|Updated: Sep. 22, 2017 at 10:14 PM HST
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HAWAII KAI, OAHU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Students played an uplifting touch football game at Kaiser High School on Friday, as they sought to salvage homecoming celebrations.

Earlier this week, the school canceled the rest of its football season, citing security issues following an altercation on campus.

That altercation on Tuesday — between the school's football coach and several parents — was the culmination of months of discord around the school's football program, students and parents said.

Video obtained by Hawaii News Now of Tuesday's incident shows a heated exchange between parents and Kaiser head football coach Arnold Martinez.

Players, staff and security were also there.

In the video, a parent can be heard shouting, "You want to (expletive) smile because I (expletive) will baptize. Baptize you."

Another person is heard saying, "We need to call authorities. That was a physical threat."

In a temporary restraining order filed after the incident against the parents in the video, Martinez alleged a parent hit him in the arm.

"Had Arnold not ducked away from the punch, he would have been hit in the face. Arnold Martinez feared for his physical safety," the TRO said.

Attorney Eric Seitz, who's representing 20 parents, disputes that account.

"There was yelling and swearing and that's all depicted on the tape but I don't see any physical violence," he said, referring to the video.

At issue for the parents were a player's status on the football team and allegations that the coach was pushing his religious beliefs on players.

"Don't (expletive) preach. Don't (expletive) preach Christianity to (expletive) Roman Catholics and kids don't want to do it," a parent shouted in the video.

Seitz said the coach "has invited a religious organization on campus to hold a chapel."

He said players "are required to be there."

Martinez' attorney, Brandon Flores, said in a statement that there were a series of inappropriate behaviors exhibited by a "few parents."

"The latest incident being the one that put it over the top, resulting in the state making the decision to end our football season," Flores said.

After the altercation Tuesday, the school's principal canceled the rest of their football season.

"People were crying, heads on shoulders crying," said parent and cheer leading coach Kim Napiewocki.

On Friday, the school held the touch football game at the school's field between the Varsity and JV teams.

The band, cheerleaders, students and staff were all there.

"What I saw today was people working together in unison trying to make something positive happen for the kids at Kaiser High School," Napiewocki said.

The DOE says its not commenting about the incident because of pending litigation.

Kaiser Principal Justin Mew released a statement in which he said that while the season is still canceled, "the spirit of our students and our homecoming has not been shaken."

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