'He needs help': Makiki homeowner's brother wants compassion over cluttered home

'He needs help': Makiki homeowner's brother wants compassion over cluttered home

MAKIKI (HawaiiNewsNow) - Rusted, broken down cars are the foundation for mountains of trash at a cluttered Makiki Home. Neighbors have complained to the city for years, calling for the cleanup of the hazardous home.

Now, the brother of the home's owner is asking for compassion as the owner faces thousands in fines, and possible eviction.

"If he gets evicted, he'll have no place to go," 64-year-old Alvin Yee said.

Alvin is the older brother of the Rollin Yee, the home's owner.

"We didn't have much when we were growing up. So whatever we did acquire, we tend to hang on to," Alvin said.

Alvin said he and his family moved to the Pensacola Street home in 1958. He said his youngest brother Rollin still lives there.

"He's a hoarder. Just like me. But I don't think he's a danger," said Alvin.

Over the years, many neighbors have complained to the city that the property is a health and safety hazard.

Rollin faces upwards of $300,000 in fines, and the city is working to clear the home under a new law that allows cluttered private properties to be handled by the city crews.

They are also trying to put a lien on the property to get back the costs and fines.

But Alvin is begging for them to reconsider.

"He needs help. I offered to help him. Some of my friends have offered to help as well. I'm not sure if it's a matter of pride or what, but he's not accepting my help," he said.

Psychologist Robert Woliver said hoarding is considered an anxiety disorder.

"Often, people who hoard have OCD tendencies, obsessive compulsive tendencies. Or they might have extreme trauma they've been through," Woliver said.

Alvin said their older brother passed away in 2004 and both their parents died the year after and that may be factors in his hoarding addiction.

"He's been real paranoid about his neighbors. That's why he barricaded the front door. He's seen some people, unsavory characters, walking around the side yard, then his bicycle disappears...so he barricaded the side yard and the back yard too," Alvin said.

The city said it has tried to communicate with Rollin, but he has not responded. Alvin said Rollin does have an attorney.

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